HanBok is Korea traditional dress.

We designed special dress for prom, wedding, graduation, birthday inspired by korean hanbok.

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How to wear Women’s Hanbok

Rose HanBok

1. Put on sokbaji and sokchima
2. Put on beoseon. Correct the seam
3. Put on chima and tie the strap at the front
4. Put on Jeogori, tie the coat-string and adjust the armhole lines

    How to wear Men’s Hanbok

    Rose HanBok

    1. Wear underwear and sokgoui.
    2. Wear baji. Adjust the waist size by folding it to the left from the center at the front.
    3. Wear jeogori. Make sure both collar ends meet.
    4. Wear beoseon and tie daenim.
    5. Wear joggi. Jeogori should not be seen under joggi.
    6. Wear magoja. Jeogori should not be seen under the sleeve-ends or hemline of Magoja.
    7. Wear durumagi. Durumagi should be worn in case of going out or formal dressing.